Let’s Talk Positive 2020

Unawareness = Unacceptable!
We believe one of the meanings that the acronym U=U should expose to the whole world is: Unawareness = Unacceptable!

Of course, U=U stands for #uequalsu , meaning Undetectable = Untransmittable. Meaning that an HIV positive person who has an undetectable viral load in his/her blood, is not contagious anymore in anyway and can’t transmit the HIV virus to someone else. Untransmittable!

What we don’t know is in how many countries people are aware of this fact. What we do know is, that it is still in too few countries.

That’s why we, as ‘Proud U=U couple’ want to share this message. And so many other U=U Campaigners are doing it with us around the globe. Thank you 🙏

We are so blessed living in a country, Belgium, where antiviral medicines are available to be able to reach that undetectable status.

We are also proud of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp (@ITMANTWERP) and support their #letstalkpositve2020 campaign to spread the U=U message in our country and abroad!

Thank you to all who joins us doing the same. Mr. Chill & Mister Fluffy

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