Single Pill HIV Treatment – HAART – One Pill HIV Treatment

New Year –> New HIV Treatment

I am 25 years HIV positive and 2021 means for me the step to ‘one pill hiv treatment’.
Its going to be from now on ‘one pill’ that is gonna keep me alive. What an evolution!

I am many years #undetectable (> 10 years) and so I can’t transmit hiv to somebody else. #untransmittable
I am so grateful for this #UequalsU evolution. HIV positive people with an undetectable viral load in there blood are not contagious anymore. They can’t transmit hiv anymore to other people through any kind of sexual activity.

It was so important for me when I started my new relationship in the year 2018. We, me and Dado Garcia (@dado_garcia) are since then a proud U=U couple. We understand that we probably wouldn’t be together if I my viral load was not undetectable. So it makes a hug difference. And not only for starting a new relationship but also at many other levels. Of course health, social, psychological, work related, etc …

Since then we are active U=U Campaigners, U=U Ambassadors, to spread the word here in Belgium and abroad so everyone would be aware of this very important fact. We will continue this taks with pleasure and proudly.

On pill HIV Treatment. I never took more than 5 pills a day as ART – Antiretroviraal Treatment, but there are HIV positive people who are mentioning 10 or more pills per day. Actually I would not mind to be obligated to take still that quantity of pills today. They keep me alive! Of course I am very grateful with the evolution and that it is reduced to only one pill a day. And the evolution is still going on. We hear already about monthly injections or even three monthly and no need to take daily pills anymore.

I can’t mention it enough how grateful I am that this all is available for free in Belgium and most Western countries. My hope is that worldwide every person living with HIV can have access to ART – Antiretroviraal treatment. Thanks to the science and all the companies who are continuously doing the effort of searching for new solutions. One day they will find the cure!

Positive regards,

Peter Positive

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