UequalsU message in podcast on BRUZZ – Brussels Media Channel Belgium Television – Radio


Nice to share this happening on this short blog on our website.

At November 2020 we, Peter and my husband Dado Garcia were spontaneously contacted by a reporter, Margot Otten of BRUZZ,be the Belgian Media House with a television channel, website, newspaper, all with current affairs and news from the Brussels.

Margot was preparing new podcasts of ‘inspirational people’ living in Brussels and we were selected by her through our Instagram account Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy. An account we created for our online community to spread love and positivism. We call it “The Brotherhood of Universal Love”

Of course we were honored and very glad to work together with Margot. She came a few times to our apartment for interviews and to know each other better. Thank goodness it was still possible by then to meet and greet at our place in Brussels.

She created an amazing podcast of us living in Brussels. How we achieve to be always very positive in life, although live is not always easy and nice to us. Each of us told a part of our secret. Wink, wink. How we are able to be both a sunshine to ourselves and to other people we meet.

A big part of me, Peter was about how me and Dado met each other. How we became such an happy, supernatural love couple and how I told him that I was ‘HIV seropositive’ from the beginning and even at our first date we had on 06th of July 2018. Since then we are inseparable and we are a proud discordant and U=U couple. Discordant means that one of the two is HIV negative and the other person of the love couple is ‘seropositive’.

Me, Peter, I am celebrated my 25 years of HIV positive in the year 2020 (HIV positive since august 1995). And I have also, for almost 10 years, an undetectable viral load. This means that the number of my hiv virus particles in my blood are not measurable anymore. Medically, we call that being ‘undetectable’. A HIV positive person become undetectable as he is on an HAART (High Active Antiretroviral Therapy) and takes very faithful his/her medication. Because of this fact, I can’t transmit HIV anymore by any form of sexual contact to my life & love partner Dado.

This is such an amazing fact. Me and my partner talked about that in the first part of the podcast. We share what it means to be undetectable and how we can enjoy being an proud U=U couple. U=U means, undetectable = untransmittable. Without this U=U fact, we were probably not together which we would regret deeply. Now I have my Mr. Chill as a lovely life partner and he is my best friend too. Thanks universe and thanks to the science.

Therefore we became U=U Campaigners and want to spread the word of U=U to everybody!

Know science! No Stigma!

Please take the time to listen to our podcast and our U=U message.
Partly it is spooking in Dutch by the reporter, but 90% of the podcast is spoken in English by us. The introduction is in Dutch by the reporter, but please keep on listening further for the U=U part and the rest of our podcast story. We are so grateful that we can spread the word of U=U!

Click here and listen to the podcast!

Positive and love greetings,

Dado & Peter
Alias Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy

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